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Why Can’t Silicon Valley Take a Joke? -- Daily Intel

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"But none of those populaces share Silicon Valley’s thin skin, or its insistence on its own superiority. This is, after all, a sector in which companies “pivot” and “reiterate” rather than admit failure, in which extreme successes are called world-changers and duds are whispered out of existence. It’s an industry filled with the ministrations of tech evangelists like Jack Dorsey, the Twitter co-founder who, at a conference this summer, told a group of tech entrepreneurs — with a straight face — that their work was comparable to the lives of Gandhi, the Founding Fathers, and the revolutionaries at the Bastille. It’s a world, in other words, that desperately needs to be taken down a peg."

A: Because they don't understand content or entertainment.

It's just a TV show people. Relax.

I hope it's not as boring as it seems.

Have you seen "Breaking Amish."

People watch Drama/TV shows for the characters; so, of course, there will be character arcs, romances, breakups, and fights. That's why we watch. The setting really doesn't matter; silicon valley, amish people, jersey shore, housewives.

I'm not sure why people try so hard to not understand this? LOL

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