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Why is the Surface so bad?

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Inadequate processor and not enough RAM, for starters:

the new tablet’s flaws are glaring: It’s too slow, it’s mercilessly buggy, and the add-on that’s supposed to set it apart from the iPad—its touch-cover keyboard and trackpad—is nice but far from revolutionary. At $499 for the base model, plus $120 for the almost-required touch cover, the Surface is also not very competitive on price: You can get the newest standard iPad for the same $499, the still pretty good iPad 2 for $399, and the new iPad Mini for $329.

Everything you do on the Surface takes more time than you expect.

The Surface is hitting the shelves in 2012, when, in addition to Apple’s tablets, you can now get Google’s Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 or one of Amazon’s super-cheap Kindle Fires.

Sorry, Microsoft, but you're two years behind.

Slate's conclusion: "Surface ends up proving the wisdom of Apple’s limitations. The iPad may not allow you to do everything, but Apple has made sure that it’s great at what it can do. The Surface, by contrast, will let you do everything you want. The problem is that you’ll have no fun doing it."

 PEOPLE OVERESTIMATE technology's impact in the short-term and underestimate it's impact in the long term.  -- Bill Gates.

I'm sorry, this is a dumb review. Windows 8 PCs will be the leading PCs in the world, and Surface and it's progeny will be the #1 selling PC in the world.

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