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Romney conceded at 12:55am

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Karl Rove said at midnight:

The mood at Romney's headquarters event was grim. Staffers were beginning to trickle in, almost all expressing shock or surprise that so many states had voted for Obama.

Meanwhile, Fox News commentators were shown on two giant screens, questioning Ohio results.

Asked if he believed Ohio was "settled," guest Karl Rove responded, "No," prompting cheers from the crowds. "I think this is premature," Rove said.

We're patient, Karl Rove. We'll wait for you.

Obama took Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, and New Hampshire. Not by much, but he took each state.

Romney called Obama at 12:45am to congratulate him.

Fox News does not look happy.

Romney concedes Fox News

 Is Florida taken for sure?


 Karl Rove is not happy. 

Gov. Willard Mitt Romney gave it his all; now, let's see those SUPER PACs put their money where their mouth is and spend $2.5bn doing pro-america/pro-unity/pro-one nation messages.

Nate Silver is the real winner:

He went 50/50. Nate Silver 51. Pundits: 0.  

 Yep... he was absolutely right... I would expect several GOP pollster outfits to close up shop b/c of this...

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