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These greedy corporations are ruining our lives...

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I've been playing Asphalt 7 on my Android device. Good game. Today, I was gettin' into it and decided to purchase some stars (these are the game's monetary units for unlocking cars).

They want $99 for 420 stars. The one car I was interested in unlocking costs 295 stars to unlock. This is one car out of many, lots of which cost more than 295 stars.

Do the math: 23.¢ per star (their top purchase tier!) = $67.85 to unlock a single digital representation of a car in a racing game I play on my phone.

I was so disgusted and insulted by this pricing I almost posted a question on how steal (hack) stars from Gameloft.

It's funny because I couldn't find those comments on that Quora page. :) 

Yep, it's fabricated...:) Kidding... Quora, for whatever, very smart reason, does not have direct link to a question comments. So, pandawhale to rescue.

Sergey, that's funny. :)

 He must really suck at Asphalt 7, as you can play the game and beat the other computer players to get stars to unlock the cars too.  

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