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James Burns

Located in Vancouver, Canada.

My interests are many and diverse. If I had to be specific then I probably spend most of my spare time on mindfulness meditation, and voracious book reading (yes real unabridged books - but via Kindle or Audible). Udacity and Coursera courses also take up a couple of hours every day. I round out the rest of my time with improv, exercise, gaming and some TV - mostly the Daily Show, Colbert, dribs of Brit TV and drabs of anime.

My career background is in user experience design, technical communication, business analysis and business process reengineering. My most recent work involves iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile app requirements elicitation, UX design, and spec writing consulting work for apps contracted by fortune 1000 companies. Most of the companies I work for require NDAs. I can mention a few like HBO, and the New York Times, but those are the smaller fish. I'm currently studying mathematics and computer science in my spare time primarily via Udacity, and Coursera. My eventual goal is to be able to bootstrap and grow my own software firm, and do full-fledged software development of mobile apps and web services. But that's probably a few years in the future.

I am very much enjoying PandaWhale. I especially look forward to the "best of..." every morning.

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