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The beginning of telepathy? Brain-to-Brain via the Internet

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University of Washington scientists Rajesh Rao and Andrea Stocco claim that they are the first to demonstrate human brain-to-brain communication. Rao sent a signal into a Stocco's brain via the Internet that caused him to move his right hand. Brain-to-brain communication has previously been demonstrated between rats and from humans to rats.

The real possible kicker for the future.

Where does human brain-to-brain communication go from this simple experiment? "It's very much a first step, but it shows what is possible," Prat said. "Right now the only way to transfer information from one brain to another is with words," she said. With advances in computer science and neuroscience, people could eventually perform complicated tasks, such as flying an airplane, and dancing the tango, by transferring information in a noninvasive way from one brain to another. "You can imagine all complex motor skills, which are difficult to verbalize, are just chains of procedures," Prat said. More complex cognitive skills, such as understanding algebra and physics could also benefit from the technology. "Ultimately, it's important education and training, especially when knowledge cannot be easily translatable into words." she said.

Imagine what a good mentor could teach with something like this!

I can imagine a future in which lessons are downloaded into our brains.

It does seem that learning as we currently do it is inefficient and often fails.

Thanks for the link -- brain to brain seems like a better way.