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Penis knocks out Brain gif

Penis knocks out Brain gif


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Not all the time, just when we wake up, when we go to bed, when we see someone we like, while driving in the car, sitting in meetings...

... pushing a straw through a soda lid, sharpening a pencil, peeling a label off a bottle, doing pushups, screwing in a light bulb...

The sad part is the brain is fully capable of getting back up and kicking his ass. He just doesn't have the willpower.

...playing video games, sitting in class, walking, running, jogging, speed walking, porn...

...eating a peach, parking the car, opening the mailbox, going into a tunnel on the train, when it gets cold out, when its hot out...

 In all seriousness, I am in complete awe of the male brain, that it can accomplish so much with so many distractions.  Is this why guys tend to be so compartmentalized?  Is your mantra "You gotta keep 'em separated"?  Okay, the OTHER mantra?

And where do you store all that sports data?  In the Acme portable hole?

(even BRAIN has a penis ....)

Those are all excellent questions. I wish I had good answers.

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