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Tennis and the ITF are just beginning to feel the effects of Doping

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People don't really want to know how deep doping in sports goes. They want to be fooled.

That is why US major sports are lame on doping: golf, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLB.

Nobody wants their sport cast in the light that cycling has been.

The implicit agreement is that doping is OK.

Doping is NOT ok. Expose them all! 

 Why is doping not ok? Why is a steroid a PED but not protein powders, gels, creatine, NOS, and the hundreds of other substances.

There is a research study from I believe 1998 or 2004 that articulates why we should allow doping. I'd try to find it for you.

I'll tell you what, though, if we could eliminate and remove all players who had doped past and present, it'd probably be at least half of all players in every major professional sport.

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