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Welcome to the Internet. Here is your gif basket.

Welcome to the Internet here is your gif basket Imgur

Source: PlanetSoda

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welcome to the Internet sign meme Imgur

Found in comments here:

I could stare at that gif basket for hours.

8-bit gif

I know I have a gif for this somewhere...

I know I have a gif for this somewhere gif N6vi8 Imgur

Finding the right gif?!

aint nobody got time for that gif Imgur

yeah ok whatever nobody really cares gif Imgur

I want that juggling puppies gif. 

Puppies 8-bit gif

And the Nyan Breaking Bad gif.

Nyan breaking bad

And the corgis on a treadmill...

corgis treadmill gif

Those corgis have a long way left to go on their infinite road.

infinite road perfect loop gif

That's making me dizzy but I can't look away!

deal with it dog gif

Now I just need to find the juggling pizza one and the yapping spongebob one.

Not sure if they're still available on teh Internets anywhere.

Fry not sure meme gif Imgur


NOT SURE meme gif Fry Flanders Leonardo DiCaprio Inception Imgur

MRW I find an awesome gif.

ATT commercial guy Mind Blown gif Imgur

now son do you know what you did wrong meme imgur yes sir I shared something on Facebook without checking facts and encouraged bullshit to propagate leading to the dumbing down of humanity saved for future facebook use

Found in comments here:

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