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Laos Mountain View Epiphany Toilet ...

The best place to take a dump


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Um. Someone needs to clean that toilet seat. ASAP.

Pictured: Luxury Sky Cell at the Eyrie (link)

Ok, not really. Sorry, Game of Thrones humor.

Where is this really? According to a Reddit Commenter:

"For everyone asking where this is I'm reasonably sure its a public toilet in Laos on top of a mountain between Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng. That doesn't really narrow it down, but if you're doing that bus ride chances are you'll stop there for that one glorious poop. Highlight of the South East Asia backpacker circuit."

I went ahead and photoshopped out the piss because its distracting as fuck. ZYDut.png

 Actually, the last stall in the public restroom at the Huntley on the top floor in Santa Monica is pretty cool too.


Beautiful view! A man could probably get some decent thinking done there.

Greg, do you have a picture of the public restroom itself? 

 I don't, but that picture was taken out the window inside the stall.

Epiphany toilet.

Ask and ye shall receive.

My butt is not worthy

What if we replaced that view with a giant screen so I can browse Imgur?

The best place to take a dump

This locale also seems worthy.

The Best Place to Take a Crap Shit

Executive Bathroom Island:

Tyrion Lannister in the sky cells!

Tyrion Lannister epiphany toilet

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