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Why Bravo’s ‘Start-Ups: Silicon Valley’ Is Bad for Entrepreneurship |

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Just as the Social Network inspired an uptick in Computer science majors across the country, both male and female, for the duration of the show -- which admittedly, does not seem like it'll go on for as second season -- I think this will inspire both women and men to pursue entrepreneurship.

Let's not always be so cynical. Folks need a role model that can inspire a generation; like it or not, but the characters on this show represent a wide swath of the American population, many of whom we need to pursue paths in entrepreneurship and innovation to keep this country on a path of progress, innovation, and goodwill.

Onward and Upward, folks.

I haven't been watching the show. Have you learned anything from it?

 No, but I'm not the target audience. If I knew nothing about startups, is there any show on TV that would be better for me if I were interested in learning about them? 

Shark Tank? Dragon's Den? Those are the only ones that come to mind.

Bear Grylls inspired me to become an adventurer, even though I had never considered myself one. 

Lance Armstrong inspired me to ride a bike.

Christopher Nolan inspired me to attempt to create something of my own.

One role model, however flawed, can inspire a generation. 

I think the Bravo show is only the beginning; folks should not lose the forest for the trees -- we, as a country, need more innovation, more folks going into the sciences and engineering and math and design and creative endeavors. 

In this economy, nothing can be wasted. 

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