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The Pebble SmartWatch: Break All the Kickstarter Records !!

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A start-up called Pebble is breaking Kickstarter funding records with promises of a watch that can share information with an iPhone or Android-based device. As of Monday afternoon, more than 20,000 people had pledged upwards of $3 million toward the watch.

Why couldn’t I just be able to look down at my wrist so I could make a better decision of ‘Do I want to pull out my phone?’” Migicovsky said in a telephone interview on Monday.

WANT !!!

The only question is WHICH OPTION TO BUY...

23,000 sold in 6 days.

Dammit Apple we want our Dick Tracy watches!!

How Peeble and other Kickstarter winners changed all the rules:

After being funded by YCombinator, no VC would fund Pebble.

So they raised $3.8 million from Kickstarter instead:

I just looked on Kickstarter.

They have now pre-sold $6.7 million worth of these watches, with 22 days remaining.

Buy one on kickstarter.

Pebble spent some of its $8 million in Kickstarter winnings on a 101 billboard.

53k Kickstarter backers can't be wrong.


The hardest part of bringing Pebble to market: Industrial and Aesthetic design.

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