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Old Lady and Jay-Z on the Subway

Old Lady and Jay Z on the Subway


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That old lady is actually an artist, Ellen Grossman.

Interesting how two famous people who don't know each other can meet on the New York Subway.

Her website:

The whole sequence comes from the Jay-Z Barclays Center Documentary, at 19:25 ...

I kinda like him more now.

Me too.

 He's done a lot for the industry in many ways. This is an awesome exchange. Love it. 

Riding the subway to his own show? Classy.

If the subway is good enough for Michael Bloomberg, it's good enough for Jay-Z.

Just remember, no sleep if you're riding to Brooklyn.

Is Jay Z the one who refused to clap for Chris Brown? I like this guy more and more.

That's right, sir. Good Guy Jay Z refused to clap for Chris Brown.

Also, one Imgurian had this to say: "I went to a Jay-Z concert in Charlottesville. He stopped the show when he saw a guy hit his girlfriend. Restarted only when the guy was gone."


Beyonce done did right.

She did.

I love this version of them singing "Forever Young" at Coachella:

It was very refreshing to see this, JayZ seems like such a humble guy. Link to original (19:25 mark) >

Or just skip to 19:25 here:

"now grandkids, you'll never guess who I ran into on the bus today... Jazzy J"

Take it from me, grandparents just don't understand.

If you notice he doesn't clap after watching Chris Brown perform at the VMA

Jay Z refused to clap for Chris Brown at the VMAs. Seems he doesn't support women beating assholes either. Cool dude.

I'm having Deja Vu.

okay Jay Z, you've proven yourself worthy: we'll let you have Beyonce now.

They *are* "Crazy in Love", you know.

I get the feel that Jay-Z is a genuinely down-to-earth dude. And he hate's Chris Brown-That's a plus in my book.

Despite calling himself "HOVA", he really does seem down-to-earth.

Dave Grohl kicking a dude out for fighting. Epic.

Not sure what that has to do with Jay-Z, but cool video bro.

 He has a COOL MUSIC ARTIST kinship wIth Jay-Z

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