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All eyes on fridge.

All eyes on fridge


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Eye see what you did there.

The milk looks so surprised :O

Sweet Moses how many eggs do you have? Do you eat nothing but omelettes?

There's milk for cereal and cream cheese for bagels, too.

When a self righteous vegetarian says "I don't eat anything with a face"

A stranger. From the outside. Oooooooooooooooh.

[Inspecting Dana's refrigerator for paranormal activity] Dr. Peter Venkman: Oh, my *God*. Look at all the junk food! Dana Barrett: Oh, no, Goddammit. None of this was here... Dr. Peter Venkman: You actually eat this? Dana Barrett:

Look, this wasn't here! There was *nothing* here! There was this...

space! And there was a building or something with flames coming out of

it, and there were creatures writhing around, and they were growling and

snarling. And there were flames, and I heard a voice say "Zuul"! It was

right here. Dr. Peter Venkman: Well, I'm sorry, I'm just not getting any reading. Dana Barrett: Well, are you sure you're using that thing correctly? Dr. Peter Venkman: Well, I... I think so, but I'm sure there are no animals in there. Dana Barrett: Well that's just great. Either I have a monster in my kitchen or I'm completely crazy. Dr. Peter Venkman: [smiles] I don't think you're crazy. Dana Barrett: [sarcastically] Oh, good, that makes me feel so much better.

 More Venkman:

Dr. Peter Venkman: and don't stare at me you got the *bug eyes*. Janine, sorry about the bug eyes thing I'll be in my office.

[Walks off]

Ha! I love Ghostbusters. :)

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