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My First Week At Storify | WebAppLog

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My First Week At Storify | WebAppLog

Azat, you wrote:

There were three main reasons for me to come on board: great team, awesome product and company vision, and cool tech stack that I’m passionate about: Node.js+Express+MongoDB.

Cool to see you on their about page.

What about Node.js and Express and MongoDB do you like?

I'm not sure any of them scale in a production environment. I guess you get to be the guinea pig. :)

I'm reading the Storify vision:

Everyone is now a reporter. Whenever something happens on this planet, eyewitnesses, experts and celebrities share what they see and react on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ... and whatever comes next.

There's something neat about remixing existing pieces of content -- images, tweets, etc.

But I've come to recognize that it's really hard to get a lot of people to do it.

Most people won't do it, and I'm not sure why. Not enough time? Don't want to put themselves out there?

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