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LuminAR Bulb transforms any surface into a touch screen

LuminAR Bulb transforms any surface into a touch screen


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One potential application would be projecting rich media, including product information, in a retail setting. In effect, browsing a store's display could incorporate the same media and interactivity as a product web site.

 Much easier than waiting for bendable plastic touchscreens which they've been promising for years now!

 It *is* pretty cool.

Yeah, I don't believe in the bendable touchscreen future anymore.

This makes a lot more sense.

This is hella cool:

The Luminar Lamp remembers where you've moved different applications, allowing you to organize your workspace accordingly, such as putting your twitter feed in a less distracting location, or projecting a Skype session onto a wall. The Lamp can also take snapshots of the work area, allowing you to quickly scan and share work documents seamlessly across multiple devices.

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