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What does the TSA do with your weapons? - Dec. 11, 2012

What does the TSA do with your weapons Dec 11 2012


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I refuse to believe this explanation until I see Jesus figurines being confiscated. That's outrageous! Bible are pretty heavy too. Grr…

“., recently paid $6 for a statuette of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha. Thorpe said that exotic statuettes are among the hottest products in his store and he could get at least $20 for Ganesha, which could be used as a blunt object.

"[Passengers] don't comprehend that these things can be used as weapons," said John Supry, manager of surplus property for the state of New Hampshire. "The average person isn't thinking that way, I guess."”

"God as a Weapon" sounds like a Hollywood screenplay waiting to be written.

 Hello.  The Ten Commandments.  A lot of God-smiting going on.

(My bras' under-wire is never confiscated but I am always prepared to use it.)

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