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On the Spectrum of Cyberspace Operations | Small Wars Journal

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Now that many nations and non-state actors possess the technical capability to cause disruption, destruction, and even harm people through cyberspace, it’s time to more carefully explain the place of such cyber actions in international relations and law.  Clarity in defining how victims will and should view cyber actions is essential to avoid tragic miscalculation that could lead to overreaction or an unnecessary and dangerous escalation of international tensions.  It is incumbent on the U.S., as the most important player on the international cyber stage, to lead the drive to a workable conceptual model.  DoD can do its part by espousing definitive doctrine that treats cyber attacks the same as attacks through air, land, sea and space, while carving out cyber activities that are merely disruptive, so that a rational set of rules can be crafted to govern these actions.

The spectrum of cyber operations proposed here is meant to aid operators and policymakers as they analyze cyber operations.  Not all cyber operations are created equal, and the law and policy should reflect that.  A spectrum may not provide all the answers, but it does offer a more coherent framework around which US government cyber professionals can organize their thinking.

Geez, there are SO MANY things that can go wrong.

It's amazing anything works at all, Jared.

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