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The masses fight back against UC logo with snarky memes...

The masses fight back against UC logo with snarky memes


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By now you’ve probably seen the University of California’s new logo, described alternately as “generic,” “a napkin doodle” and a bidet.

According to an article that ran in the Chronicle on Tuesday, however, “UC has no plans to drop the new logo.” As such, the people have begun fighting back using the time-honored Internet tradition of public shaming.

It didn’t take long for a few mockeries to rise to the top. There’s the above addition to the always fruitful UC Davis pepper spray cop meme.

University of California: STILL LOADING.

Cal UC University of California still loading gif

 Wow Panda, I really didn't think you would go there after your own alma mater's embarrassing William and Mary Griffin episode...

 "It is everything our school is against. Might as well have slapped a McDonald's 'M' on top of it," Sheila Lam of Berkeley wrote on the petition. "It looks so corporate, and it looks cheap."

Sheila makes a point:  It does have a golden arch.

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