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How does a startup out-recruit Google? Palantir cofounder Stephen Cohen explains. - garry's posterous

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Wow, if I were Google I would be angry with this characterization:

"The sense you get from college recruiters is that you get to write new code. Most great hackers love to do this. But that's not what you get from a software engineering position at the tech giants. You get to maintain old code. The job should really be called software technician."

No one at Google considers themselves software technicians.

Is Palantir a startup? I don't think it really has been fundamentally "startuppy" for a long time.

Compared with Google, they're a startup.

Compared with startups, they're financially stable and poised to be huge.

And they're willing to recruit 21-year-olds straight out of school. Most startups I know are not willing to do that.

They botched an interview with my girlfriend 4+ years ago, offending her and me.  And I was considering talking to them too at the time after they had held an event at Hacker Dojo.  Now they're dead to me.  Perhaps I may even undercut their business at some point out of spite.  ;-)  (Well, not totally out of spite.  I have better ideas that they could have incorporated perhaps.)  But dang they have a nice market cap that I missed out on because they botched an interview.

How did they botch the interview?

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