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Olivia Wilde eyes gif

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No wonder this woman wants to kiss her.

Olivia Wilde kissing on House gif


Is this from a show?

The first gif is from a movie, The Change Up:

The second gif is from the TV show "House":

She was also in "The OC":

And she was in the movie Butter:

I heard Olivia has family in the Bay Area. She has been seen around Stanford mall. Sadly not seen with me...yet.

It's good to have goals, Casey. :)

Olivia Wilde - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

She's currently dating Jason Sudeikis so keep an eye out for him...

Olivia Wilde - Imgur

Olivia Wilde - Imgur

Olivia Wilde - Imgur

Olivia Wilde eyes:

Olivia Wilde and her piercing eyes - Imgur

Safety Pins - Imgur

She has some beautiful eyes - Imgur

Haven't seen this picture anywhere which is odd because she looks amazing. - Imgur

Olivia Wilde - Imgur


Those eyes... for your viewing pleasure, Olivia Wilde - Imgur

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