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Series of brilliant billboard ads dedicated to promoting science in Vancouver, by Science World Museum

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these are very cool!

Yes, they are surprisingly good. Quite creative.

the stretched earlobe is hard to look at, and the shark one kinda made me sad (we kill creatures that are old just to find out how old they are), but the clowns holding the rescue trampoline is pure genius!

That one's my favorite but I like the diamonds and gold one, too.

yeah, those were both great.  and the gold one made me think, "really?!"

Really, 2 Oz of gold can cover a billboard:

Gold is a soft metal that can be easily shaped and stretched. A single ounce of gold can be hammered into a square sheet 30 m on each side or drawn into a wire that would stretch 8 km. Gold leaf can be beaten thin enough to become translucent. Scientists call the ability to be flattened malleability and the ability to be stretched ductility.


wow.  1 oz can be flattened into 900 sq meters?  it sounds like 1/3 oz could cover a billboard!

Sounds like it. That quality of gold is one of the properties that makes it valuable.

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