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Is anything on Twitter worth paying attention to?

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36% of it is.

That number seems way too high.

Most tweets are disposable pablum or the exhaust from other apps.

I'm happy if I find one tweet per session that was worth my reading.

And usually I keep looking till I find one. :)

The study has admitted limitations based on the user sample. Also this number can vary dramatically based on how picky people are about who they follow.

Even if I'm really picky about what I tweet, most of my tweets are not worth reading.

Twitter Inc has trained us to believe tweets should not be valuable; they should be replaceable so tweeps will want to keep changing them.

Interesting; I never considered it might be deliberate.

In describing the culture of various social media platforms to the uninitiated a major distinction I have made is that Twitter streams and Facebook streams seem to be treated differently.

People seem much more inclined to scroll back and see what they missed on Facebook, to be completionist. Twitter is very immediate, ephemeral, and older tweets are treated like yesterday's newspaper.

I'm sure this is due to a number of things,

1) volume of tweets often being much larger than status updates

2) most people being closer to their Facebook friends than those they follow on Twitter

3) sticky factor of FB multimedia, pix, video, etc vs just text and links on Twitter


I think of Twitter like the radio.

If I miss it, no biggie. It'll still be there the next time I tune in.

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