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Picture of @jack before he had money and fame -- and after!

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Apparently he had no color back then.

His world was all black and white.

Now tweety birds sit on his perfectly-fit suit.

Frankly I like old, messy @jack better.

can't agree more, simplicity is ultimate sophistication :)

Are you saying the pre-money Jack is ultimately sophisticated?

Hard to say so. he definitely looks simple pre-money but doesn't look that sophisticated.

pre-money jack is less subtle about has intent to riot, that's all. blue birds and ties don't fool me. this could almost become a convo on shape-shifting your authentic self...but it probably shouldn't because growing up is hard and how we do it is not completely up to us once we start to really care about something enough to bring it into the world. of course, my girl crush sings about it better: there ain't no wow now... ;O)

Christine, we now have the ability to embed videos using YouTube's iframe markup:

I could post a photo of me from before I had money and fame but I don't feel like taking a picture of myself right now.

Do it, Eric!

Nice thread

To compete with the alpha bro's, you must at least look like them. #artofwar

Pre-money Jack looks like college Ted in How I Met Your Mother.


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