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The Kickstarter That Actually Happened: How Hexy Got Made, and Fast | Wired Design |

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Can't wait to get my hexy!

Hexy is super cute!


What color did you get?

Blue, but it was hard to choose! I nearly picked a different color for each leg (it was an option!) but watching it move would have made me seasick.

Yeah, a rainbow hexy doesn't sound like a good idea.

The hexy blue is a beautiful shade. You chose well!

When do you think you'll get yours?

Sep 2012 estimated delivery. Some backers even earlier. Makes a change from some Kickstarter projects!

Yeah, that's different from most Kicktarter projects.

They under promised and they're over delivering.

Many kickstarters only think as far as... what do we need to make a batch of these things! and treat kickstarter as the place to learn how to make and distribute. Smart projects treat kickstarter like a beginning ie. first batch(s) sold via kickstarter, then second batch(s) sold elsewhere so, they sort production and shipping out ahead of time, price appropriately and have a margin for error (both $ and time).

If there's a "You're doing it right" for Kickstarter, this is it.

I wish more Kickstarters would do it this way.

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