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Zynga: How do Zynga employees feel about the company's dismal stock performance? - Quora

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I worked 100 hour weeks.  Week, after week, after week.  I hated the management, I hated the culture, but we all knew the IPO was right around the corner, and once it came, as long as the shitty organization could keep it together for the lockout period, I'd have made bank, and in some way, that would have made my three and something miserable years there worth it. 

So I'll let all of you guess how I feel now that my stock is worth shit, and Pincus, Whener and Schappert are gleefully rolling in their ill earned money.



I wonder if they roll around in their cash in a bathtub?

Money bath!!!!!!!!

Naw, they'd just call it eVille. Or Evil for short.

I think Dan Pink would say this is what happens when you work for extrinsic motivation (money) instead of intrinsic (make good products)

Compare to the facebook answers

C, I love that video -- and thanks for the links!

Extrinsic motivation vs intrinsic motivation makes sense to me.

I doubt the whole amazon zynga competition thing:

Amazons game from a glance seems to have the goal of getting folks excited about books and reading.

That $16m mansion would probably cost about $1m in central Pennsylvania. It does look nice, though.

Holiday party?

Amazon's game is a good start.

And I'm sure Mark will have many parties in that place.

It's telling that all of the commenters, positive and negative, are anonymous.

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