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Cat flipping. Lands on feet. Like buttered toast. For science.

Cat flipping lands on feet For science

Source: Reddit GIFs

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Cat Toast Antigravity gif:

antigravity cat buttered toast GIF


Buttered toast always lands butter side down and cats always land on their feet.

By joining the 2 they will spin indefinitely.

And thus the world's energy problems were solved forever.

The full video with sound is much better!

I concur. Sometimes a gif cannot compare to full sound.

Wikipedia has multiple articles dedicated to this phenomenon.

Exhibit A: Buttered Cat Paradox

Exhibit B: Cat Righting Reflex

Cat fall gif

For science! 

Cat Flipping Science Wikipedia


Yeah science gif

Cats are not the only animals that land on their feet.

Apparently, cats aren't the only animals that know this trick - Imgur

From Reddit:

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