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iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3: which should you buy? - Telegraph

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Neither...the HTC One X+ is the one to buy above all else.

Why is that? I hadn't even heard of the One X+.

 It's like the HTC One X, but with a Tegra 3. Oh, and it ships with Jelly Bean. 

 Yup.  Quad core Tegra 3 + 1 extra processor to save battery life.  All the benefits of the latest Android, awesome feel (though nothing will ever change the Aria) and off the charts HTC intuitiveness.  I have a Samsung 10.1 Galaxy Tab, an Apple touch, iphone4, iphone5, and have to say, HTC is one of those great companies that really know how to make consumer products.


 Is that because of the snapdragon instead of the tegra?  How can they make such different phones by tech specs so similarly named??

From what I've read, the issue is with all the other parties involved (i.e. AT&T). I guess they're not so excited about letting users upgrade. And also they have to test the Sense software before it rolls out, but it's a little late to use that as an excuse. 

There's a fun reddit thread about it here: 

HTC Support Will be Watching. : htc

I hated my last HTC (an Evo) because its battery drained every few hours.

Have they fixed the battery drain?

That's one area where the Galaxy S3 soars.

Plus it makes an excellent shield...

Galaxy s23

 Wife's main issue with her Aria was the battery drain.  The HTC One X+ comes with extreme battery saving turned on, so I backed off the settings and even though the battery and phone are new, she says the charge is infinitely better than her old one.

This one looks interesting. Samsung announces Galaxy Grand: 5-inch Jelly Bean-powered smartphone | Mobile - CNET News

That does look interesting but Galaxy Grand does not support LTE.

By all accounts JellyBean is a worthwhile Android upgrade. 

 Agree about the HTC One X+. Hardware is svelt, sturdy, classy, cool design.  Not normally a fan of the Sense UI but it has some very nice design, UI/UE touches that dramatically refine the native Android experience.  I'm now a convert.  Battery life is surprisingly an improvement and doesn't suck.  I researched painstakingly and was a Nexus S 4G user on Sprint, iPhone of Verizon and Palm Pre/WebOS on Sprint (which by far has the most beautifully designed, usable mobile OS still to this day!).  The One X+, AT&T LTE, JellyBean/SenseUI is the best mobile combo on the market today, period.

Thanks for the perspective, Peter. Good to know they've improved the battery.

I'm surprised to hear that you prefer AT&T LTE to Verizon's.

From what I've heard, they're pretty comparable.

It does seem like having JellyBean on the Android device makes a big difference compared with previous Androids.

 I was only on Verizon for three months but basically love their network.  The main reasons I went with AT&T over VZ was handset selection.  AT&T appears to have the best ability to lock in exclusives with cool handsets/companies like the original Apple iPhone, HTC One X+, Nokia Lumia 920.  They always seem to be first with the cool handsets and as an avowed gadget freak, that's a big decision criteria for me.  btw, I absolutely hated iOS (I call it iPOS) as the experience made me feel like I was driving a minivan.

Half a year later, AT&T still has better selection but Verizon has improved its offerings, too.

BTW, Gorilla Glass 2 isn't as strong as they demo.  It's supposed to survive a 5 foot drop, but this one didn't even survive a mild 2 foot one.

The new waterproof phones look really cool.

They do.

So the debate rages on: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5(s)...

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