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Travel tips from Joe Staley

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My favorite 49er gives his usual thoughtful answers about travelling -- both with the team and just for fun.

I would hate to have the middle seat next to him: "I'm a big guy, so you'd think I'd like the aisle, but I like to curl up in a fetal position by the window and snooze."

I like that he likes Seattle and Chicago.

I love that he loves the Four Seasons resort in Maui, Hawaii.

I never realized what it was like to travel as a football team:

We do our security check-in here at our facility. Then we board buses and have a police escort to the airport. We're dropped off right on the tarmac, where we charter a 747 flight. The veterans and starters sit in first class, everyone else filters in and grabs whatever seat they want. When we land, another bus and police escort is waiting on the tarmac to take us to whatever hotel we're staying in.

This sounds pretty sweet, actually.

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