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Football is the hardest sport to explain to children and stupid people. Unlike Jessie J.

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The Jessie J "Domino" video is a nonsequitur that sportswriter Drew Magary can't get out of his head.

Jessie J is simple and easy for children to understand. Unlike football.

Drew Magary writes about how learning the rules of football has a steep learning curve:

The problem is getting to that point, teaching your protege enough of the game that they don't feel lost every time it comes on. I remember being baffled by football as a child. I didn't really have a firm grasp of what was going on until I was about nine or ten, but that may have been because no one in my family cared for the sport and I had to figure it out just by watching it. I think about that any time I try to watch a game with my kids. I remember exactly what it felt like to not know what the hell "3rd and 8" meant. There's a certain joy in solving that puzzle. You have to want to understand it enough to stick with it.

Football is just plain baffling to some people.

Even football referees don't know the rules to the game anymore.

But football does reward people who put the time in to appreciate it.

Unlike Jessie J, where what you see is pretty much what you get.

She just wants to make the world dance.

Jessie J Imgur album:

jessie j hot ass short shorts tight Imgur

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