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Tabitha Rose anatomically correct suit showing anatomy of the female body for science

Tabitha Rose hot bodysuit anatomically correct suit anatomy of the female body yeah science Imgur Tumblr muscle and bone catsuit spandex

Imgur comments 2012:

Imgur comments 2015:

Tabitha Rose Twitter:

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Front view of the Muscle and Bone Catsuit:

hot muscle bone catsuit babe

More zoom:

sexy catsuit babe muscle bone

Here's her Tumblr:

And her Instagram:

Her shoes are Jeffrey Campbells:

Jeffrey Campbells shoes

Here she is in other clothes, so you can compare. For science:

Tabitha Rose hot babe

The Original:


Lemme get a better look at that Slim Goodbody:

Pee Wee Herman 3-d glasses


Slim Goodbody

I'm just going to put this here:

gorilla muscle skin bone skeleton layers gif

I'm mesmerized.

MFW I'm Lindsay Lohan. - PandaWhale

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