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Get Along Shirt. Parenting level: Expert.

Get Along Shirt Parenting level Expert


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I must be a horrible person because I'm strangely tickled by their misery.

it's genius, actually.  only thing that could make it better would be to make them do a three-legged race while wearing the get along shirt.  the number one tactic of parenting -- re-direct, re-direct, re-direct.

Christine, I love this concept of re-direction. :)

Especially if it forces them to solve their own problems with each other.


I still love the idea of "Our Get Along Shirt".

I wonder if this can work for other situations, too.

Like marriage or work relationships?  I worked at restaurant once that had a tiny kitchen. I was a baker.  A lot of the kitchen staff would get into arguments over things like doing the dishes & restocking.  The owner got tired of getting pulled into all the petty fights so one day he went to the hardware store and bought a few foam pipe insulators and hung them up on the wall with a note that said, "grow up and do your job or fight it out amongst yourselves. I don't care which one you pick but pick one or you're fired." 

Ha! I guess that's the restaurant version of "Lead, Follow, or Get out of the way."

I also like how LOST put it: "If we don't learn to live together, we're gonna die alone."


Someone is going to start selling these shirts soon. :)

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