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Cats with Thumbs - Apparently Flynn the cat stands up like this all the time...

Apparently Flynn the cat stands up like this all the time


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The Internet, where everyone's cats are 200 times more interesting than they are in real life.

omg it was you standing cat gif

This is not a real cat.  Clue: it has THUMBS.

It's real. It's called a Polydactyl cat.

Learned it from the Reddit comments.

You're welcome.

The Most Interesting Cat on the Internet gif

I must go now. My people need me!

We can make him kitten mittons!

Kitten mittons

cat with thumbs Not a fan of cats, but my gf really wanted one. Told her it needed to be a badass cat if she was going to get one. This is what she came back with. I was pleased. - Imgur

Cats with thumbs like to dance.

cat with thumbs dancing gif


cat standing and dancing gif Imgur

Don't tell Princess Monster Truck. She's not a dancer.

The Future Is Here And Her Name Is Princess Monster Truck

He doesn't want to be called Flynn anymore. It's Walt Jr. Also, he wants breakfast.

Breaking Bad Flynn no breakfast for you, for two weeks

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