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Conan vs dude with hammer

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I thought he was a better warrior than this photo would seem to indicate.

He's breaking that guy's hammer with his head!


That just might be the lamest 5000th comment ever.

Any suggestions on how to improve it?

I believe adding a picture helped.

now i know the source for Ugg's design!! awesome!

Everything is interconnected, Christine.

Totally LOL!

I just found this video of Derek Poundstone breaking a hammer.

was he auditioning for conan & the barbian in the 21st century?? :O) i just made myself laugh out loud! ;O) so wish you lived in my town. i did my first startup weekend this past weekend. nothing short of amazing. still on an adrenaline high! loved the vibe of the whole thing. it's the way business should be done not just started.

I don't know if he was auditioning for Conan or just showcasing his own strength.

With enough adrenaline, you can do anything, Christine. ;)

so true..when you are doing something you are passionate about and love doing, sleep starts to feel like an intrusion on your quality time ;O)