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Can you really be "addicted to love"?

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(Could not find the full Robert Palmer video on YouTube for the life of me...)

Is this one not what you're looking for?

Perhaps Vevo is not embeddable within blog posts the way YouTube is?


So many videos won't allow themselves to be found on mobile!!

Once we have YouTube embedding PandaWhale posts will pop.

In the meantime, here's a power user tip: You can change the title of any of your posts by clicking on the title and typing the changes you want, then hit return to save.

So is the answer to the title question, "Not sure" ???

I'd sum it up as "Highly unlikely unless you already have some issues." :)

"The difference between healthy enthusiasms and addictions is that healthy enthusiasms add to life whereas addictions take away from them."

I like that.

I always found gambling addiction to be an interesting exception to the rule in a way: as long as you're successful nobody calls you an addict. :)

(Un)fortunately, odds are good that a gambling addiction will lead to FAIL.

I think exercise addiction is also an exception... in this culture there's no sense of moderation about exercise, as long as you're not actually putting yourself in the hospital too often no one ever says anything.

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