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Jenyne Butterfly Pole Dance -- Amazing Body Tension! Compare with Shakira ...

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Jenyne Butterfly is a very athletic professional pole dancer and performer.

The above move requires tremendous core, back, biceps and triceps.

Source is "Cute Pole Dance":

Here is her Dog Days dance:


Pole Dancing is like walking on air:

Pole Dancing is a sport and the only reason why dancers need to wear very little clothes is because they need the stiction of their skin on the pole to be able to do all of the aerial moves:

Massive Attack Dubstep:

Body Control is key.

Jenyne Butterfly currently works for Cirque du Soleil.

Jenyne Butterfly body control pole dance gif Jenyne Butterfly air walk gif

body control pole dancer gif


Shakira Pole Dancing is a very different style:

Shakira Pole Dancing gif

Compare with Jenyne Butterfly:

Jenyne Butterfly Cute Pole Dance Body Tension gif

In any case don't let a cat get in the way of a pole dance.

Shakira gifs:

shakira is stunning gif shakira dat ass gif

shakira belly dance gif

According to Imgur, some day Pole Dancing might become an Olympic sport.

Pole Dancing practice for the Olympics

And by the way, it's really not as easy as it looks.

Pole dancing is hard gif

When pole dancing goes wrong (SFW) - Imgur

Wow, she's really good at tha... oh [Slightly NSFW? Almost borderline nudity.] - Imgur

Some people are just naturals.

Hypnotic Pole-Dancing - Imgur

frozen pole dancer gif