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23 Unexpected Flavor Combos That Taste Amazing

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And a dozen others....

Food world mashups! Sweet!!

Btw, of the 23 flavor combos you chose salmon and licorice?

Beets are definitely an under used root vegetable.  i'll have to try this one.  I've had eggs on hamburgers and it's really nice when properly prepared.

egg and beet burger

I wonder why beets are underused? I guess some people genuinely don't like the taste.

The texture is weird.  Not a fan of the taste either.  Hopefully the egg and burger would drown it out!   I think there's only one way to consume beets:  I'll take mine w/o the beet juice please.

Haha. without the beet juice there's no beets in that cocktail Greg!

Also if the egg and burger drown out the taste doesn't that defeat the purpose of adding the flavor?


For me beets taste semi sweet, slightly grainy and also earthy (grammar?) vegetables that work great diced and slightly cooked in salads.  juicing these things would also be good to help balance a vegetable blend.  I still don't use beets much but I see them getting their turn in the limelight just like kale and all the other fad or cult foods that I've been seeing lately as miracle super foods. 

I've had beets on salad.  It's one of the few things I have to pick off. That and Kale.  We have this new Nektar place that is all the rage now.  It's all about de-toxifying juice diets.  You can use beets and kale in your juice drink.  I tried a sip, but even in liquid form, Kale to me is like drinking drano.   Their advanced model is beets.  Ewww. 

Well played, Geege. And I do believe you are correct.

Oh my, maybe that's why I love cooking and my whole family has some form of culinary arts background!  thank you for the link to Nekter.  they are all over LA but I never noticed.  I guess when you're always trying to get somewhere else you stop paying attention to where you are.  I'll have to be more aware of my surroundings.  Thank you also Geege, I really do love this community you helped build guys.

Makes sense that that's why you love cooking.

Being more aware of your surroundings in general is a good strategy for life. 

I'm happy you love this community! So do I!

You're the best, Nathaniel!  "I guess when you're always trying to get somewhere else you stop paying attention to where you are" was the reminder I needed. :)

You're right, that's a good reminder to be here now.

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