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Mila Kunis's haters are proof that bigots are idiots.

Mila Kunis s haters are proof that bigots are idiots


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Any man who can look at this woman and call her a "dirty Jewess" is honestly too stupid to live.

Biases and prejudices are learned, not there from birth.

Racism isn't born, folks. It's taught. I have a 2-year old son. Know what he hates? Naps. End of list. ~Denis Leary - PandaWhale

Low reasoning ability is there from birth.  I also think the propensity to blame others for your own crappy life is probably tied to something in the brain chems.

Aka haters gonna hate! Moonwalk, anyone?

moonwalk haters gonna hate gif

What does her picture have to do with anything? If she was ugly would it be ok to say this?

There is still a tremendous amount of antisemitism in the world, especially in Europe and Russia, and in Eastern Europe politicians dare to say it publicly. Hungary has become extremely antisemitic in the last few years without it making much noise. The Jews not being considered real citizens, which was the context of his comment, is of course also nothing new.

My point is that to say something like what you say Joyce: "Any man who can look at this woman and call her a "dirty Jewess" is honestly too stupid to live." makes a lot of people too stupid to live. In fact, given racism against blacks (or in this context the birther phenomena) etc. it makes a significant portion of the world too stupid to live.

There is much to do in the fight against antisemitism and other forms of racism, but the first step is to acknowledge its existence. Afterwards one can argue about what are the best means to fight it.

Hey dude, we're on the same side.  You acknowledge and fight in your way, and I acknowledge and fight in mine -- through Mila and mockery.

Unfortunately, Dennis Leary is wrong.  The blame/hatred of "other" is congenital, though I don't think it has to attach to race necessarily.  This is a good piece (and part of a good book):

Thanks for the link, CJ.

Scapegoating others may be instinctual.

Lord of the Flies tells that story, as do LOST and Survivor.

I think Denis Leary is right, and I don't think blame/hatred of other is congenital (the linked study was of boys aged 11 and 12; that's plenty of time to learn prejudice).

But even if hatred _were_ congenital, we also know we can teach and learn to regard others as equals.

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