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iPhone alone is the world's most profitable company EVER.

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BusinessInsider says:

"Apple's overall profit margin is 30%. We estimate that the iPhone's profit margin is slightly higher, say 35%. The iPhone is currently generating annualized revenue of nearly $100 billion. The iPhone's annualized profit, therefore, may be as much as $35 billion a year. That's bigger than the $30 billion of profit ExxonMobil generated last year."

And that's just iPhone.

Apple also has computer, iPod, and iPad businesses.


I should also note that iPad has similar margins; the only differentiator is that Apple currently sells three times as many iPhones as iPads.

Look for iPads to get bigger in the coming years. With only 70 million sold, there's lots of upside to come.


Two thirds of Apple's revenues come from products invented in the last five years:

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