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doodles to solve algebra equation meme Imgur HAS MATH GONE TOO FAR


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So, yes it is!

You are technically correct the best kind of correct meme Imgur Futurama Hermes 35ywzp.jpg

My HS Geometry teacher actually encouraged this.....

Doodling in the middle of proofs?

Or using hieroglyphics as a substitute for actual math?

lol @ hieroglyphs... well sorta... it doesn't matter if it's X or it's a tree... still a variable

Its definitely easier to visualize as real objects rather than abstractions like letters for some.  it's hilarious that (s)he is correct but the teacher is profoundly annoyed with the chosen method to reach the result.

"Technically yes but never again!" Haha.

It's a lot more effort to draw a squirrel than write an x.

The dog ripping the squirrel's head off at the end really takes this answer to the next level.

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