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Silicon Valley's Hottest New Startup Idea: Nothing.

"Silicon Valley's Hottest New Start-Up Idea: Nothing" via @forbes
7:23 PM Apr 26 2012

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Ok, this is sad:

Do you have a can’t-miss idea for a start-up that could be the next Facebook, Pinterest or Draw Something? Great. Write it down on a piece of paper. Now burn that piece of paper. Congratulations. You’re halfway to your first billion.

I wish Forbes was joking about this.


Maybe if people would just tattoo PETS.COM across their chest they won't be as inclined to forget about the dot com crash of 2000...

I was in Silicon Valley in 2000. Most people who are here now were not here then.

In that case, please spread the word. :)

If this takes hold, it's going to be hard living in the Valley the next couple of years :)

It's going to be hard. Mentally prepare yourself.

Several months later I still declare:

It's so much harder to get investors to invest in something, instead of investing in nothing.


Because that encourages entrepreneurs to do nothing instead of something.

Ironically, the two most successful YC companies never changed their idea nor founding team.

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