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Magic gifs

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Witchcraft gif


Turtle spinning gif

Jon Stewart!

Jon Stewart laugh happy gif

High quality Witchcraft gif:

sword in the stone merlin gif Imgur

Thank you DrRhymes for making this gif.

Gob magic gif


Some illusions are magical. :)

Magic my dick gif

Shia LaBeouf magic gif SNL doug henning Imgur

magic gif Shia Imgur

that was hilarious.  i love the woman in the upper right giving a "round of applause" with her clapping!

It's no wonder the Internet uses this gif so much. The SNL skit stands up to repeat watches!

shia labeouf SNL magic gif Imgur

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Ice T magic gif Jimmy Fallon tumblr

How about a magic upvote gif?

magic upvote gif Liam Neeson Imgur

magic gif

this one is so cute!!

That cat has a great eye!

and such focus!

Yes! Excellent focus!!

Here's another cat who can do it:

cat plays shell game gif Imgur

haha!  i love it!!  and this cat is all relaxed while he does it, like it's no big deal. ;)

I need to teach my cat to do this. And be relaxed while doing it.

and then you need to film it, make a gif and post it here!

Will do! Still stuck on the "teaching the cat" part. This could take a while...

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