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DIY Stuffed Hobbes

DIY Stuffed Hobbes


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Pattern and guide can be found here:

Templates cut; head and muzzle needed re-cutting after this photo was taken as the slits on the template were there to direct you where the fabric was to be sewn together, rather than cut out.


I'd never stitched anything in my life, let alone make a teddy, so just getting up to this point was time consuming enough!


All body parts stuffed, now to attach everything together.


Head and arms on, legs tacked. I had to learn how to slip stitch for this; head didn't sit right for me, but figured it would all fall into place once the stripes went on, so left it alone.


The muzzle was by far the hardest part - the way the features sit on Hobbes was to be the defining point of him looking right, so the pressure was on.


As was mentioned in the guide I followed, it is near-on impossible to find oval buttons with four holes, so I dusted off the Dremel and began work on re-shaping 20mm circular buttons, then sewed them on backwards for a domed shape to sit right with his facial contours.


By this point I was pretty content on how he was looking. Had to keep bullying him into the pose I wanted each and every time I came back to work on him, but the stuffing eventually took to the slight hunch.


After two months, I had two stripes to go. This little fella has been the most enjoyable thing I think I've ever worked on.


I had a little time before Christmas to prepare a few little extras to go with him. The guide suggested making a tie, a flag and a mask. What with the impending deadline I opted to go with one for the time being and the mask seemed the easiest with the fabric I had available. Thoroughly intend to add to his list of accessories throughout the coming months.


For giggles, I decided I'd include a Calvin shirt and blonde wig. After exhausting all possible options in the hunt for a shirt most like Calvin's, I opted just to buy a cheap t-shirt and paint on stripes using Indian Ink. Time consuming!


This is amazing! How or where did you get the felt in the beginning? Did you make that yourself too?

Nope, just buy the felt at a craft fair or store.

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