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I really wonder if making Node.js more like Ruby on Rails is a good thing.

I still think of Node.js as something for experts, and Rails as something for beginners.

Am I wrong?

Node.js is never going to be like Ruby on Rails and it was never intended to be on the same level. The comparison is not fair because Node.js is a low level I/O mechanism and Ruby on Rails is a framework. In other words Node.js is like Ruby while Express and Meteor have good chances to become like Ruby on Rails due to the face that they are frameworks build on top of Node.js.

Node.js + some framework has much bigger potential than Ruby on Rails because it's more efficient, language is easier (everybody knows some level of JavaScript coding), and with Mongo you have the full stack talking the same language (vs JS+Ruby+SQL). Then there is live-binding and non-blocking... so much more to it. 

Maybe I'll write a post about why I <3 Node.js :-)

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