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How to apologize for casual sexism

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59 year old @unclebobmartin shows us all how it's done. Take notes, brogrammers.

This is sofa king awesome:

I am a 59 year old programmer who was brought up in a male dominated industry, operating in a male dominated society. To my regret, old habits and attitudes, that I thought were long dead and conquered, pop up from time to time. I am very appreciative that Emily pulled me aside after the talk and pointed them out to me. The _last_ thing I want to do is discourage women from becoming programmers.

So, if you see me making a mistake like this, you yell out and stop me. Or catch me afterwards. Or write me a note. And don't let any of my peers get away with it either.

YES!!! Let's tackle Silicon Valley's brogramming problem head-on.

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