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Baby turtle enjoying a raspberry...

Baby turtle enjoying a raspberry


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Guess So. It's a mighty big raspberry though Lol.

It IS a mighty big raspberry. Compare with this snail eating a strawberry:

A snail savaging a strawberry NOM NOM NOM - eating well...

Guess if your snail height then it's the same size as a house Lol.

Shirley, yes!

And if you're a baby turtle then a raspberry can be the size of your house, too!

Baby turtle is the size of a raspberry. - PandaWhale

Sure Can Lol.

Turtles like mashed potatoes, too.

Turtle eating mashed potatoes... - PandaWhale

turtle eating strawberry

I has a Giant Strawberry, No you can't Has It Lol

That is adorable. As is this gif of drawing a strawberry:

tortoise strawberry gif

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