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Drawing representing Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, deviantART and Imgur as ladies. Where's 4chan, people?

websites as people ladies meme Interwebs series Facebook Twitter Tumblr Google deviantART Imgur 4chan as women girls

Source is the Interwebs series:

Imgur comments:

Actually, this is wrong. It's more like...

Interwebs series Nigel Thornberry imgur dancing gif 4chan tumblr  ladies smashing dance

Thank you napsmear for making this gif:

Imgur comments:

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This drawing can of course be found on all of them.

The faces are excellent representations of the different social networks: Facebook is a narcissist, Twitter is a hipster, Tumblr is emo, Google+ is a happy redhead, deviantART is an artiste, and Imgur is a cat lady.

On deviantART:

Nigel Thornberry hulk smashing gif Imgur

Forgot 4chan.

4chan cute 404

I was imagining something a little less cute for 4chan. With an eagle head. Because Murica.

4chan eagle Beyonce gif

I wonder if this is what Kanye meant when he interrupted Taylor Swift so he could declare to the world that Beyonce had one of the greatest videos of all time.

Meet the Internet meme 9gag facebook twitter myspace wikipedia deviantART youtube google 4chan get off the internet gif

This is more like 4chan.

this generation is the first to be raised online meme Imgur 4chan taught me jews should be gassed and I wouldnt have it any other way

P.S. Ugh.


this generation was the first to be raised online meme Imgur tumblr twitter 4chan I wouldnt want it any other way

Imgur as a person:

browsing imgur as a person gif Imgur butler cats

Actually, Imgur is cute.

kawaii as fuck gif Imgur

Imgur as a person:

Imgur as a person gif giraffe roller blades imgurian at the beach