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Crushed unicorn dreams: ‘Why is my paycheck less’ turns to Obama vote regrets; ‘I should have voted Romney’ | Twitchy

Crushed unicorn dreams Why is my paycheck less turns to Obama vote regrets; I should have voted Romney Twitchy


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Stupid idea of the day. Micro-politicking on the financial level.

They keep tallying up the national debt and dividing it by the number of people in the country. Sometimes they split it up by family or only taxpaying citizens over age X. Further, some states and counties are thinking of instituting an "exit" tax on "fleeing" citizens.

There should be a "voting for policies has consequences" tax database where you could calculate the amount of money that is actually attached to you individually by who you voted for, what your representatives voted for, what spending bills they voted for, what tax increases they voted for, and then pari passu, calculate the actual amount of the debt you owe rather than the equally distributed amortized/collective one.

I don't think it'd change anyone's minds, but at least it might educate a few people about spending and finances.

I like this idea. But here's a better one: "Your Share of Our Fuckup Tax" where a tax bill is imposed , upon municipal (or state i.e. CA eventually) bankruptcy  to each tax payer, natural person or otherwise for their share of the public debt.... it can even be indexed to income level and/or property value.

Any public entity which went bankrupt, or have any financial problems, would have a VERY engaged electorate VERY quickly. :-)

[Edit] Oh... and fuck mittens.... should have voted for Johnson!

I think that's exactly what I was thinking!

Do either of you believe in the "same states overcontribute" theory?

Overcontributors in blue receive under $1 benefit for every tax dollar spent:

This Map Shows Why New Jersey And Chris Christie Should Be So Infuriated With John Boehner - Business Insider

I believe in the death spiral state theory....

On this topic, they have the study that for every $5.50 in government spending only causes $1 of economic benefit.  I'll have to find the citation, though here's an article that was well researched.

But just a note, I was talking about the spending side, not the tax side, and the current spending is unsustainable.

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