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All I do is sit behind a computer all day. Surely my life has some greater purpose than THIS.

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Actually... no. This is it for you.

your normally uplifting posts now slam me down near the end of the work day :-p

THIS is your greater purpose, so enjoy your computer, my friend. :)

Actually, Jared, if you want to be inspired, watch the video for The Internet Is My Religion:

For the most part, sitting behind that computer is neither good or bad. You can do (and be) some amazing things inside that computer.

I wouldn't worry about the computer time. I'd worry about whether what you're doing during it is meaningful.

I can't believe The Matrix Reloaded came out nine years ago.

I love love love that link about having meaning in life.

To have meaning in your life you need a story:

"You need to reflect on how things could have been and why they turned out the way they did. Seeing that things had a direction and a purpose provides meaning."

THAT is inspiration.

It's key. Minor variations on the same principle also increase happiness and improve team morale.

Perhaps this is why such stories are common themes in art, literature, plays, movies, and television series?

Because we are the stories we tell; we are feedback loops; in stories we discover we are not alone, and that life does have meaning.