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Baby Stop Motion DEAL WITH IT

Baby Stop Motion DEAL WITH IT

Source: Reddit gif

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This is why you do not leave her dad alone for an hour with baby Jocelyn. Redditor ReptarIsTheShit writes:

How did I make the gif? It's just stop-motion photography (the same as stuff like The Nightmare before Christmas). I set up my DSLR camera on top of a stack of three reams of paper, put it on the manual setting and kept the lighting/focus/ISO settings the same so each shot would look similar. Then I just took a picture, moved her a foot or so, retook the picture, and kept doing that until she started to cry. You can see the last frame or so her arms are thrown out because she's pissed.

It took him 41 shots.

The Redditors have had fun putting different captions on this gif

Baby Stop Motion SUP gif

Glad you liked the GIF. I'll be making another one this week that should be longer than this one (she started to get fussy at the end which is why her arms are thrown out to her sides in the last few frames before it loops). I seriously can't believe how far this thing has traveled!

   -Chris aka ReptarIsTheShit

P.S. - credit for the "DEAL WITH IT" edit to the GIF goes to user Kirsch05

Chris, thank you SO MUCH for this gif, and thanks for the credit for Kirsch05!

Your daughter was so good to participate in this -- I didn't even notice that she was fussy until you mentioned it here.

I'm looking forward to the next gif. GIFs like the one you made, make the world better.

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